Are you a beginner looking to begin your musical journey? Are you a veteran player looking to expand your skills? We got you covered. Our experienced instructors tailor-make each lesson to ensure that you achieve all your goals while having a great time. We are the number one choice for Guitar Lessons, Piano Lessons, Bass Lessons, Ukulele Lessons, and Vocal Lessons in Gainesville, FL.

Guitar Lessons

Guitar is the is one of the most versatile instruments a person can play. Whether you are interested in Pop, Rock, Soul, RnB, Gospel, Bluegrass, Country, Blues or Classical, we have a guitar teacher for you. Our guitar lessons are provided by world class instructors who will have you navigating the fretboard in no time.


Piano is a must-learn for aspiring musicians. Piano lessons provide the foundation for nearly every other instrument one could learn. Our piano teachers are well versed in both Classical and Contemporary styles and will guide on the path to virtuosity.

Bass Lessons

Bass guitar is the backbone of any good band. Our bass guitar teachers will have you grooving in just a short while. Whether Funk, Rock, Blues, or Soul is your style, our bass lessons can accommodate your needs.


Nothing is quite as fun as gathering around with fellow musicians and playing music together. In addition to more common stringed instruments like Guitar and Bass, we also offer music lessons for a variety of folk instruments. Our expert instructors provide Mandolin Lessons, Banjo Lessons, Fiddle Lessons, Ukulele Lessons, Dulcimer Lessons, and Harp Lessons.